Tutorials, Guides and Updates for building your Next.js SaaS

Cover Image for Create an MDX-powered Blog with Next.js
·13 min read

Let's create an MDX-powered blog and portfolio starter that you can deploy right away with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

Cover Image for How to improve your Next.js site SEO ranking
·8 min read

Learn the tips and techniques to develop a highly search-engine optimized Next.js website.

Cover Image for Benefits of a single codebase for SaaS Marketing and Product pages
·4 min read

Having a single codebase for Marketing and your SaaS product can be challenging. We explain why we think it's worth it.

Cover Image for A Data Model for your Firebase SaaS
·9 min read

Learn how to architecture the data model of a SaaS application with Firebase Firestore

Cover Image for Using Firestore with Next.js
·7 min read

Learn how to start using Firebase Firestore in your Next.js and React application

Cover Image for In-depth guide to Firestore Security Rules
·6 min read

Learn how to secure your Firebase Firestore database with Security Rules

Cover Image for Setting Up the Firebase Emulators with Next.js
·5 min read

A complete guide to setting up the Firebase Emulators within a Next.js and React application

Cover Image for The Ultimate Authentication Guide with Next.js and Firebase
·17 min read

The ultimate guide to adding Firebase authentication to any Next.js and React applications

Cover Image for Get paid with Stripe
·2 min read

MakerKit makes it super-easy to add Stripe payment and subscriptions to your Firebase and Next.js application. Learn how!

Cover Image for Why MakerKit - A Firebase SaaS Boilerplate for Next.js
·3 min read

Learn why we built MakerKit - a complete boilerplate for building SaaS applications in no time built with Firebase, Next.js and Tailwind CSS