Planning Makerkit's 2023

A plan for the coming year at Makerkit. New kits, new blog posts, new documentation, courses, and more.

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A quick retrospective on 2022

2022 has been particularly busy: I released two kits based on Next.js/Remix and Firebase, and am about to release a third based on Remix and Supabase. Additionally, I wrote over 60 blog posts for this website and dozens of documentation pages for the kits.

While it started out as a side project mostly for fun, Makerkit is now used by over 60 customers, many of which I support directly: I cannot thank you enough for your support and feedback.

A plan for 2023

Next year, I have fairly big plans for Makerkit.

From a product perspective, I plan to focus on the following:

  1. Upgrading the Next.js kit to the app directory: this is a big change, but will make the kit even better and faster
  2. More kits: I plan to release a kit based on Next.js/Remix and Supabase. After having completed the combos Next.js/Remix/Firebase/Supabase, I want to release kits for other technologies, such as React Native and a Shopify App Kit.
  3. Shopify Storefront: Once Shopify Hydrogen is ready, I'd like to release an eCommerce template for storefronts. Since I'm familiar with Remix these days, I'm hoping it to be super fun.
  4. More blog posts: I plan to write more blog posts about the kits, and the technologies I use. I feel like the greatest value I can provide is by sharing my knowledge and experience with others, which alongside the kit, can help you build your own products.
  5. More documentation: I plan to write more documentation for the kits. Too many kits often assume that you know how to use the technologies they're built on, which is not always the case. I want to make sure that the kits are accessible to everyone, and that you can build your own products with them.


I've been thinking about releasing a few courses on Makerkit or building a SaaS in general, but I'm not sure where to start.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

A micro SaaS?

Of course, I'd also love to release a few micro SaaS so that I can validate the kits and ensure I dogfood every template I build: this is the only way I can ensure that the kits are the best possible products they can be.

And you?

What about you? What are your plans for 2023?

Send me a message on Twitter or Discord, I'd love to hear from you! 馃槉

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