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Premium Codebases are AI SaaS Kits built on top of Makerkit's core kits.

Learn how to build your own SaaS by taking code and inspiration from real codebases.

Skyrocket your development speed by using our codebases as a base for your own SaaS.

Available for Teams Plan members only (Next.js/Remix Supabase)

Discover Makerkit's Premium AI Codebases

We ship one every two months - and you get access to all of them.

Available for both Next.js and Remix Supabase. Will consider converting to other stacks upon request.

Built with SDXL and

AI Avatar SaaS Template. Generate Profile Pictures from your customers' pictures using SDXL on Replicate

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Built with ChatGPT and OpenAI

AI Chatbot SaaS Template. Embed Chatbots in your website using AI to answer customer questions

Built with OpenAI and Readability.js

Chat with PDF AI SaaS Template. Upload PDF files and chat with AI to extract data from them in a conversational way

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Use with OpenAI or Mixtral

AI Blog Post Writer SaaS Template. Craft incredible blog posts using AI and LLMs such as Mixtral

Drag and Drop, real-time sync and notifications

Kanban Board SaaS Template. A Kanban Board SaaS with drag and drop, back-end sync, and realtime notifications!

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