The SaaS Starter tolaunch ideas in minutes.

MakerKit is a scalable SaaS starter built with Next.js, Firebase, and Tailwind

that saves you months in development so you can focus on shipping your product

Dropping early 2022

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MakerKit is a production-ready SaaS boilerplate configured from the get-go.

You don't have to waste time in configuration madness: everything is ready to be deployed.


MakerKit provides a fully SSR-compatible authentication flow

Authenticate users via email and third-party providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Built-in support for groups of users we call Organizations

Users can invite new members, assign roles, and gate access to certain features based on the users' role


Full support for payments via Stripe

Allow users to subscribe to a plan and collect payments from day-one


The full platform was designed with a mobile-first approach

Users will be able to access the platform from any device, and it will look just as good

UI Components

MakerKit comes with minimal UI components based on Headless UI and HeroIcons

Want to use another library? You can easily swap them with your favourite UI library, such as Radix, Material UI, Reach UI, etc.

Product Blog

Start writing kick-ass content right away thanks to the pre-built blog.

It's MDX-powered, SEO-optimized, and offers built-in support for RSS and sitemap

Product Docs

Educate your customers with the built-in documentation generator.

Just like your blog, use MDX to write your docs in a snap.


MakerKit is already configured with analytics and marketing 3rd-party services.

Connect with Google Analytics, Sentry, ConvertKit, and your favorite Email provider.


100% tested with Cypress and rich of examples.

Whenever you'ready to crack on with testing your application, Cypress is one command away.


You can get support via Email, Slack, or private meeting

The onboarding meeting is included in all the plans!


Need a hand?

Get access to ad-hoc consulting for custom-code or additional support.