v0.5.0: Design Improvements and code-cleanup

The version 0.5.0 adds improvements to the overall design, and adds Firebase Storage security rules backed by Firestore

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Hi there! Since version 0.4.0, we worked hard on providing improvements to the overall look and feel of the application, we reduced the bundle's size by tweaking the Firebase tree-shaking configuration, minor fixes, and added one of the latest change to Firebase Storage that helped us reduce complexity in certain parts of the codebase.

1) Design Improvements

The biggest design changes affected the authentication pages.

  1. The overall background has a darker shade
  2. Smaller gap between controls

Furthermore, we updated the Sidebar layout to take the full space of the page:

2) Bundle Size reduction

Because of a bug in either Reactfire or Next.js, tree-shaking isn't working correctly when importing Reactfire.

To work it around, we added a list of externals to the webpack configuration, which helped us shave off at least 50kb from the production bundle!

3) Firestore rules in Firebase Storage

Using Firestore rules in the Firebase storage rules helped us reduce the complexity of the code for handling group security.

In fact, to restrict users from reading and writing only to the organizations they're part of, we needed to use custom claims, and update them every time the user changed organization.

Thanks to the new updated, we were able to clean up a lot of code and simplify the whole process. Cheers, Firebase team!

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