Adding pages to the Marketing Site

Learn how to add pages to the Marketing Site.

To update the site's navigation menu, you can visit the SiteNavigation.tsx component and add a new entry to the menu.

By default, you will see the following object links:

const links: Record<string, Link> = {
  Blog: {
    label: 'Blog',
    path: '/blog',
  Docs: {
    label: 'Docs',
    path: '/docs',
  Pricing: {
    label: 'Pricing',
    path: '/pricing',
  FAQ: {
    label: 'FAQ',
    path: '/faq',

The menu is defined in the render function:

  <NavigationMenuItem link={links.Blog} />
  <NavigationMenuItem link={links.Docs} />
  <NavigationMenuItem link={links.Pricing} />
  <NavigationMenuItem link={links.FAQ} />

Assuming we want to add a new menu entry, say About, we would first add the link object:

About: {
  label: 'About',
  path: '/about',

And then we update the menu:

  <NavigationMenuItem link={links.About} />

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