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Prevent abuse with AppCheck

Learn how to set up Firebase AppCheck in your MakerKit application to protect your application from abuse

App Check is a Firebase service that helps you to protect your web app from bots, spammy users, and general abuse detected by Google's Recaptcha.

The Makerkit SaaS starter is already configured to secure your application with Firebase AppCheck, but you will need to set it up in the Firebase Console first.

Registering your website for Recaptcha v3

To register your website for Recaptcha v3, you need to complete the linked form. After entering the details, you'll be provided with a Site Key, which we use to initialize the Firebase AppCheck service.

NB: when registering the website, create a Recaptcha v3 key, not v2.

After submitting the form, you will receive two keys:

  1. a public key (on the client side)
  2. a private key (to be used on the server side)

Save the public key and add it to your Remix .env file:


Enabling Firebase App Check from the console

First, we need to enable Firebase App Check from the Firebase Console to register our application using the keys we have generated in the previous step.

Above, you should have added the secret key that we have generated. If it all went well, you have successfully enabled app-check for your application šŸŽ‰!

Enforcing Firestore to use App Check

To enforce Firestore to always validate requests using AppCheck, you must enable it from the Console. From where you are, click on the API tab, then click on Firebase Firestore. You will then be presented with the popup as in the image below:

Continue and enforce Firestore to use AppCheck.

Testing AppCheck

AppCheck will not work in emulator mode, so you have two options to ensure it's working as intended:

  • run a production build locally
  • or simply deploy your applications

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