This kit is no longer maintained.

Custom React Hooks

Reference for the authentication React hooks

Makerkit provides a set of React hooks to help you manage authentication in your React application. These hooks are an addition to the ones provided by reactfire.


This hook returns the current user session. It contains the user's auth data from Firebase, and its data record from Firestore. Basically, it wraps the UserSessionContext value.

import { useUserSession } from "~/core/hooks/use-user-session"; const userSession = useUserSession();


This hook returns the current user's ID.

import { useUserId } from "~/core/hooks/use-user-id"; const userId = useUserId();


This hook returns a function that can be used to create a server-side session. It is useful for creating a session when a user logs in, or when a user is created.

You shouldn't be needing this unless you're customizing the authentication flow.

import { useCreateServerSideSession } from "~/core/hooks/use-create-server-side-session"; const [sessionRequest, { loading, error }] = useCreateServerSideSession();

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