Guarding Pages

Learn how to guard pages in your Next.js Supabase application

As a server-side rendered application, Next.js Supabase will always render the page on the server before sending it to the client.

We can use the function loadAppData to get data required to load the main layout of the app located at app/(app).

NB: you can call loadAppData multiple times because it uses caching.

Guarding Application Pages with User Subscriptions

In this example, we want to make sure the user is subscribed to a plan before allowing the user to access the page.

To do so, we check the subscription property and redirect the user to the dashboard if the subscription is active or trialing.

import { redirect } from "next/navigation"; import loadAppData from '~/lib/server/loaders/load-app-data'; async function OnlySubscribersPage() { const data = await loadAppData(); const status = data.subscription?.data?.status; // if the subscription is not active, redirect the user to the dashboard if (!isSubscriptionActive(status)) { redirect('/'); } // render the page } function isSubscriptionActive(status: string | undefined) { return ['trialing', 'active'].includes(status); }

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