Adding a new translation file

How to add a new translation file to your application.

To add a new translation to your application next to the default ones (common, auth, profile, etc.) you need to:

  1. create the new JSON file, for example tasks.json in the public/locales/<lang> folder
  2. add the new bundle name to the translations list in the src/i18n.settings.ts file:
export const defaultI18nNamespaces = [ 'common', 'auth', 'organization', 'profile', 'subscription', ];

We add the tasks bundle name to the defaultI18nNamespaces:

export const defaultI18nNamespaces = [ 'common', 'auth', 'organization', 'profile', 'subscription', 'tasks' ];

Now, refresh the dev server and your new bundled will be picked up by the i18n module.

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