Fetching the selected Organization

Learn how to fetch the selected organization from the backend and frontend.

There are several ways to fetch the current selected organization, depending on the use-case.

Fetching the selected Organization from the backend

You will use this function fairly often for fetching the current organization from the backend.

import { NextApiRequest,NextApiResponse } from "next"; import { getCurrentOrganization } from '~/lib/server/organizations/get-current-organization'; import { withPipe } from '~/core/middleware/with-pipe'; import { withAuthedUser } from '~/core/middleware/with-authed-user'; async function handler(req: NextApiRequest, res: NextApiResponse) { const user = req.firebaseUser; const organization = await getCurrentOrganization(user.uid); // ... } export default withPipe(withAuthedUser, handler);

Fetching the selected Organization from the frontend

The withAppProps middleware used in the gated app pages makes sure that the current organization is passed from the backend to the frontend.

Getting the Organization with "useCurrentOrganization"

To retrieve the signed in user from the frontend, you can use the useUserSession hook:

import { useCurrentOrganization } from '~/lib/organizations/hooks/use-current-organization'; const organization = useCurrentOrganization();

This is a React hook and can only be used inside a React component.

Getting if the Organization subscription status is set to "active" on the frontend

You can use the useIsSubscriptionActive hook to get the subscription status of the current organization. You may want to use this function to gate access to certain parts of the app.

const isActive = useIsSubscriptionActive();

This is a React hook and can only be used inside a React component.

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