Deleting a Document

Learn how to delete a document in Firestore in your Next.js Firebase app

Deleting a document in Firestore can be achieved using both the Web (Client) and the Admin SDK (Server). Depending on the use-case, you will use one or the other.

  1. Client SDK: When you want to update a document from the browser, you will use the Client SDK. This is the most common use-case, and can be done when the user has the permissions required to delete a document based on their security rules.
  2. Admin SDK: When you want to update a document from a server, you will use the Admin SDK. This is useful when you want to delete a document from a server, or when you want to delete a document that the user does not have permission to delete.

Client SDK

To delete a document, we will use the deleteDoc function from the Web Firebase SDK.

We can use hooks to make sure we have access to the Firestore instance, and the collection we want to delete the document from.

import { useFirestore } from 'reactfire'; import { useCallback } from 'react'; import { deleteDoc, doc } from "firebase/firestore"; function useDeleteTask() { const firestore = useFirestore(); return useCallback( (taskId: string) => { const tasksDoc = doc(firestore, `/tasks`, taskId); return deleteDoc(tasksDoc); }, [firestore] ); }

We can then use this hook in our component to create a new task.

import { useCallback } from "react"; const DeleteTask = ({ id }: { id: string }) => { const deleteTask = useDeleteTask(id); // ... other code const onSubmit = useCallback(async (taskId: string) => { await deleteTask(taskId); }, [deleteTask]); // ... other code };

Admin SDK

To delete a Firestore document, we will use the delete function from the Admin Firebase SDK.

We can use the Admin SDK only in API Route handlers and the getServerSideProps function. For two reasons:

  1. The Admin SDK is for Node.js environments, and cannot be used in the browser.
  2. The Admin SDK requires a service account, which should not be exposed to the browser.
import getRestFirestore from '~/core/firebase/admin/get-rest-firestore'; async function deleteTaskFromServer(task: { id: string; }) { const firestore = getRestFirestore(); const taskRef = firestore.collection(firestore, `tasks`).doc(; await taskRef.delete(); return task; }

You can now use the function deleteTaskFromServer in your API Route handlers and getServerSideProps functions.

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