Adding Documentation pages

Learn how to add documentation pages to your product's website

We place the documentation pages within the _docs folder.


The pages are defined hierarchically so that you can define your documentation in the following way:

- _docs - [topic] - [topic.json] - [page].mdx

The documentation you're reading, for example, is defined as follows.

The MakerKit kit has a folder called _docs: in this folder, we have a list of sub-folders for each topic we are describing.

Each folder has a metadata file named meta.json:

{ "title": "Blog and Docs", "position": 2, "description": "Learn how to configure and write your product's Blog and Documentation" }

The position property defines the order of the topics. In the case above, the topic Blog and Docs will be the third topic in the list.

Topics Pages

Within each topic, we define the collection pages defined as MDX files. They share the same components as the blog posts' files.

A page is defined as follows:

--- title: Blog position: 1 ---

The position property defines the order in which the page is listed within the topic.

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