Updating the Favicons

Learn how to update the favicons of your Makerkit landing pages

If you have a logo for your company, you can easily update the favicons of your Makerkit applications. Favicons are the small icons that appear in the browser tab of your website.

Where to find the favicons

Favicons are stored at public/assets/images/favicon. You can replace the existing files with your own images. If you keep the same names and sizes, then you don't need to update the code.

How to generate favicons

If you do, I suggest to generate them using any o the online favicon generator, and then dropping the resulting images in the public/assets/images/favicon folder.

If you have different sizes and names, then you need to update the code to reflect these changes.

How to update the favicons in Makerkit

This code is stored in the root layout:

icons: { icon: '/assets/images/favicon/favicon.ico', shortcut: '/shortcut-icon.png', apple: '/assets/images/favicon/apple-touch-icon.png', other: { rel: 'apple-touch-icon-precomposed', url: '/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png' }, }

Update the paths to match your new favicons.

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