Let's deploy your Next.js Supabase SaaS app to production!

When you are ready to go to production, please follow the checklist below. This is an overview, a more detailed guide will be provided in the future.

This could take a couple of hours and some trial and error, so buckle up - you're almost there!

  1. Create a Supabase project. Link the project locally using the Supabase CLI (supabase link).
  2. Migrations: Push the migrations to the remote Supabase project (supabase db push).
  3. Auth: Set your APP URL in the Supabase project settings. This is required for the OAuth flow. Make sure to add the path /auth/callback to the allowed URLs. If you don't have it yet, wait.
  4. Auth Providers: Set the OAuth providers in the Supabase project settings. If you use Google Auth, make sure to set it up. This requires creating a Google Cloud project and setting up the OAuth credentials.
  5. Auth Emails: It is very much recommended to update the auth emails using the following documentation. The kit already implements the confirm route, but you need to update the emails in your Supabase settings.
  6. Deploy Next.js: Deploy the Next.js app to Vercel or any another hosting provider. Copy the URL and set it in the Supabase project settings.
  7. Environment Variables: The initial deploy will likely fail because you may not yet have a URL to set in your environment variables. This is normal. Once you have the URL, set the URL in the environment variables and redeploy.
  8. Webhooks: Set the DB Webhooks in Supabase pointing against your Next.js app at /api/db/webhooks.
  9. Emails: Get some SMTP details from an email service provider like SendGrid or Mailgun or Resend and configure the emails in both the Environment Variables and the Supabase project settings.
  10. Billing: Create a Stripe/Lemon Squeezy account, make sure to update the environment variables with the correct values. Point webhooks from these to /api/billing/webhook.

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