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The ultimate Supabase Remix SaaS Starter

The fastest way to build and launch a SaaS with Remix and Supabase

Makerkit is the next-generation SaaS Boilerplate for Remix and Supabase to help you get MVPs and side-projects done fast thanks to pre-built Authentication, Multi-Tenancy, Profile/Organization settings, Stripe Payments, Blogging, Documentation (coming soon) and Marketing pages.

Discover our Remix SaaS Boilerplate's features

The full-stack template to bootstrap your SaaS

The Remix and Supabase SaaS Starter is a powerhouse tech stack for building your next SaaS

Build and deploy your SaaS in days, not months.

Production-Ready Tech Stack

Makerkit's production-ready SaaS Starter includes all the essential tools and resources you need to launch your project.No need to set up your Supabase environment, or figure out where to place your environment variables. This SaaS template takes care of it.Literally, you'll be three terminal commands away from building your SaaS.

Modern Tech-Stack

Makerkit is built with React v18, Typescript v5, Remix and Supabase

The code is well-commented, easy to extend and with lots of reusable utilities and components.


MakerKit is a production-ready SaaS boilerplate configured from the get-go.

You don't have to waste time in configuration madness: everything is ready to be deployed.

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Authentication Flows

Makerkit's pre-built authentication forms allow you to use any of Supabase' providers to allow your users to sign in/up: email/password, oAuth providers, email link and phone number.

Makerkit's authentication method works with SSR and allows you to use all the power of Remix and Supabase Auth.


MakerKit provides a fully SSR-compatible authentication flow using multiple strategies.

Authenticate users using Password, oAuth Providers (Google, Twitter, etc.), Magic Links or SMS.

Password Reset

Stop wasting time supporting users who lost their passwords, and let them self-recover their credentials using the pre-built password reset flow.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Makerkit's supports Supabase Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi-Factor Auth (MFA/2FA)

Makerkit includes support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA).

Add another layer of security for your users' SaaS using SMS verification codes, backed by Supabase Auth.

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Users can create organizations, invite other members, set up their role, transfer ownership, and so on.

Users can belong to multiple organizations and can switch between them at any time.


Built-in support for groups of users we call Organizations

Feel free to rename the entity as you wish: project, team, squad, etc.

Members Management

Users can invite new members, assign roles, and gate access to certain features based on the users' role

Additionally, users can transfer ownership to other users of the organization.

Stripe Payments and Subscriptions

Makerkit supports Stripe Payments and Subscriptions. Stripe is a payment processor that allows you to accept payments online without having to build your own payment gateway.

This gives you the option of collecting subscriptions through Makerkit, which can be managed through Stripe's dashboard.

New!Makerkit now also supports Lemon Squeezy subscriptions!

Stripe Checkout

You'll be able to securely accept credit card payments on your site and start selling to customers in no time.

Stripe Billing Portal

The Stripe Billing Portal gives your users a secure admin dashboard where they can view their transactions and invoices, and manage their plans with ease.

Lemon Squeezy support

Lemon Squeezy is a Stripe alternative that acts as a Merchant of Record, which handles sales tax, VAT, and other compliance issues for you.

Makerkit Dashboard Themes

Delightful UI

We believe that every business should have a beautiful, user-friendly website.

Makerkit includes all the elements you need to create a professional website: beautiful UI theme and components, dark/light theme, multiple layouts, mobile-friendly UX and more.

Light and Dark Themes

Makerkit supports a beautiful Tailwind CSS dark theme that users can toggle with a switch button.

UI Components

MakerKit comes with minimal UI components based on Radix UI and HeroIcons

Feel free to switch to other UI libraries such as Mantine, Material UI, Reach UI, etc.


The full platform was designed with a mobile-first approach.

Users will be able to access the platform from any device, and it will look just as good.

Marketing and Analytics

You've got a brilliant idea for a SaaS product. Now all you need is the right toolkit to get it off the ground and into the hands of your customers.

With Makerkit, you can kickstart your marketing efforts with everything from landing pages and newsletter forms the product's blog and documentation.

Newsletter Forms

Grab emails from visitors before and after launching using pre-built forms for ConvertKit or OctopusMail


Get your website high-up in the Google Search results with our SEO-optimized blog generator.

Write your blog posts with all the power of MDX.

Documentation generator (coming soon)

Educate your customers with the built-in documentation generator and improve your site SEO with great content.

Just like your blog, use MDX to write your docs in a snap.


SEO-friendly by default with all the required meta tags, structured data and pre-rendered static content

The Sitemap is generated automatically for the whole website.

Makerkit Blog

Debugging and Testing

Sentry is an error tracking service that helps you monitor the health of your application. It helps you collect, manage, and act on errors in real time.

Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework that allows you to write tests for your web applications in JavaScript. It runs as a single-page app in the browser, allowing you to test your application like a user would.

Error Monitoring

Keep track of runtime exceptions in your production application with Sentry, and act before your customers complain

We added Sentry to Makerkit by default, but it's optional until you configure it.

E2E Testing with Cypress

Makerkit includes E2E tests with Cypress

Whenever you're ready to start testing your application, Cypress is one command away.

Support and Community

As a member of our community, you'll have access to support from me as well as the entire Makerkit community.

That means you can reach out to me anytime you need help with a project or just have a question about how to use a certain tool. Or maybe you just want some advice on how to get started with Makerkit in the first place!

Support and Community

Don't build alone!

Get support via Email, Twitter, our Discord community, or during office hours on Fridays


Need a hand?

Get access to ad-hoc consulting for custom-code or additional support.

Any questions? Hop on our Discord Channel!You can ask questions, provide feedback, report bugs, get support, or just chat with the community.It's a friendly space, for everyone.

It's time to ship your SaaS.Let's do it in days, not months.

Accelerate your SaaS development with pre-built tools and resources from MakerKit.

Your license is valid forever for unlimited apps

Build as many apps as you want, ship them to production, and use them forever.
  • Lifetime access to the SaaS Starter Kits
  • Use any of the kits you want to use
  • Build unlimited applications, with any starter kit
  • Daily updates (packages, features, examples, etc.)
  • Access to the Discord community
  • The best support in the SaaS Starter kits market, period.
  • Community and Chat support
  • Community-based feature requests and Request for Comments. You have a say in what Makerkit should build next.
  • Access to new SaaS Starters and resources before anyone else
  • One-time payment, no subscriptions
  • Includes access to Plugins, such as AI Chatbot, AI Writer, Feedback Portal, and more
  • Access to AI Premium Codebases (Teams license only)
Prices in USD. VAT may apply.
A B2B SaaS Starter Kit for individual developers.

$349 $299/lifetime

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Access to 1 user
  • All kits versions
  • Community Support
  • Plugins
TeamsA B2B SaaS Starter Kit for teams of developers or companies.

$649 $599/lifetime

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • All kits versions
  • Private Chat Support
  • Plugins
  • Premium AI Codebases access

Check out the FAQ for more information about Makerkit, or contact me.

Giancarlo👋 Hey, I'm Giancarlo

I'm a Software Engineer turned Founder.

I love building digital products, experimenting with all the ideas I get, and teaching others what I learn along the way.

This is what led me to build Makerkit, a SaaS Starter designed to help you launch the SaaS you have been dreaming about.

I hope this boilerplate and this website's resources can help you achieve your goals.