Running the Project

Learn how to run the Remix Supabase Turbo project on your local machine.

To run the project - there are some commands you need to run.

  1. Start the development server (web application)
  2. Start Supabase (ensure Docker is running)
  3. Start Stripe (optional, if you want to test the billing system)

1. Start the development server

# Start the development server pnpm dev

This command will run the web application.

Please refer to apps/web/ for more information about the web application.

To get started right away, use the credentials below:

  • Email:
  • Password: testingpassword

To confirm email addresses, please visit Inbucket: Supabase uses Inbucket to capture emails sent during the authentication process.

2. Start Supabase

Run the following command to start Supabase (or use your IDE to run the command in the package.json)

pnpm run supabase:web:start

This command will start the Supabase web server.

3. Start Stripe

If you want to test the billing system, you can start Stripe by running the following command:

pnpm run stripe:listen

This will route webhooks to your local machine.

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