Paths Configuration

Learn how to setup the paths configuration of your Remix Supabase application

The paths configuration is set at apps/web/config/paths.config.ts. This configuration stores all the paths that you'll be using in your application. It is a convenient way to store them in a central place rather than scatter them in the codebase using magic strings.

The configuration is validated using the Zod schema PathsSchema, so if something is off, you'll see the errors.

It is unlikely you'll need to change this unless you're heavily editing the codebase.

const pathsConfig = PathsSchema.parse({ auth: { signIn: '/auth/sign-in', signUp: '/auth/sign-up', verifyMfa: '/auth/verify', callback: '/auth/callback', passwordReset: '/auth/password-reset', passwordUpdate: '/update-password', }, app: { home: '/home', personalAccountSettings: '/home/settings', personalAccountBilling: '/home/billing', personalAccountBillingReturn: '/home/billing/return', accountHome: '/home/[account]', accountSettings: `/home/[account]/settings`, accountBilling: `/home/[account]/billing`, accountMembers: `/home/[account]/members`, accountBillingReturn: `/home/[account]/billing/return`, joinTeam: '/join', }, } satisfies z.infer<typeof PathsSchema>);

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