Troubleshoot issues related to installing the Next.js Supabase SaaS kit

Cannot clone the repository

Issues related to cloning the repository are usually related to a Git misconfiguration in your local machine. The commands displayed in this guide using SSH: these will work only if you have setup your SSH keys in Github.

If you run into issues, please make sure you follow this guide to set up your SSH key in Github.

If this also fails, please use HTTPS instead. You will be able to see the commands in the repository's Github page under the "Clone" dropdown.

Please also make sure that the account that accepted the invite to Makerkit, and the locally connected account are the same.

The Next.js dev server does not start

This may happen due to some issues in the packages. Try to clean the workspace and reinstall everything again:

pnpm run clean:workspace pnpm run clean pnpm i

You can now retry running the dev server.

Supabase does not start

If you cannot run the Supabase local development environment, it's likely you have not started Docker locally. Supabase requires Docker to be installed and running.

Please make sure you have installed Docker (or compatible software such as Colima, Orbstack) and that is running on your local machine.

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