Troubleshoot issues related to billing in the Next.js Supabase SaaS kit

Cannot create a Checkout

This happen in the following cases:

  1. The environment variables are not set correctly. Please make sure you have set the following environment variables in your .env file if locally - or in your hosting provider's dashboard if in production
  2. The plan IDs used are incorrect. Make sure to use the exact plan IDs as they are in the payment provider's dashboard.

The Database is not updated after subscribing to a plan

This may happen if the webhook is not set up correctly. Please make sure you have set up the webhook in the payment provider's dashboard and that the URL is correct.

If working locally, make sure that:

  1. If using Stripe, that the Stripe CLI is up and running
  2. If using Lemon Squeezy, that the webhook set in Lemon Squeezy is correct and that the server is running. Additionally, make sure the proxy is set up correctly if you are testing locally (see the Lemon Squeezy documentation for more information).

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