Uploading data to Storage

When uploading data to storage, the data needs to be secured so that it can only be accessed by the organization that created it; we need to add the organization ID to the file's custom data.

By doing so, we will be able to compare the custom data ID with the user's organization ID, and verify they match.

1) Add the Storage Provider

First, we need to wrap the component using Firebase Storage with the FirebaseStorageProvider, which is responsible for initializing the Firebase Storage SDK.

import FirebaseStorageProvider from '~/core/firebase/components/FirebaseStorageProvider'; <FirebaseStorageProvider> <ComponentThatUsesStorage /> </FirebaseStorageProvider>

2) Using the Firebase Storage SDK

Now we can use the Firebase Storage SDK by using the useStorage hook. From Here, we can simply use the SDK described by the Firebase documentation.

const storage = useStorage();

Let's assume we have a function uploadFile that receives a File parameter, and that we need to upload to Firebase Storage:

import { ref, uploadBytes } from 'firebase/storage'; import { toast } from 'sonner'; import { useStorage } from 'reactfire'; import { useCurrentOrganization } from './use-current-organization'; function Component() { const storage = useStorage(); const organization = useCurrentOrganization(); async function uploadFile(file: File) { if (!organization) return; const organizationId = organization.id; const path = `/${organizationId}/uploads/${file.name}`; const reference = ref(storage, path); const promise = uploadBytes(reference, file, { cacheControl: 'max-age=31536000', customMetadata: { organizationId, }, }); toast.promise(promise, { success: `Yay, uploaded!`, loading: `Uploading...`, error: `Error :(` }); } return <UploadForm onFileChosen={uploadFile} /> }

3) Security Rules for Storage

As you can see from the code above, we are setting some custom metadata when we upload the file:

customMetadata: { organizationId, },

By doing this, we're effectively telling the file to store organizationId as metadata on the file.

This will help us with the Storage security rules for disallowing users in other organizations from reading the file:

match /organizations/{organizationId}/{fileName=**} { allow read: if resource.metadata.organizationId == request.auth.token.organizationId; allow write: if request.auth.token.organizationId == organizationId; }

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