Reading data from Storage

1) Add the Storage Provider

First, we need to wrap the component using Firebase Storage with the FirebaseStorageProvider, which is responsible for initializing the Firebase Storage SDK.

import FirebaseStorageProvider from '~/core/firebase/components/FirebaseStorageProvider'; <FirebaseStorageProvider> <ComponentThatUsesStorage /> </FirebaseStorageProvider>

2) Create a Hook to fetch data from Storage

Let's assume we want to fetch a list of files from storage by getting their url. This is a common scenario for retrieving images stored in Firebase Storage.

function useOrganizationAssets() { const storage = useStorage(); const { setData, setError, setLoading, state } = useRequestState<MediaItem[]>(); const path = `/${organizationId}/uploads`; const reference = ref(storage, path); useEffect(() => { void (async () => { try { const result = await list(reference); const items = await Promise.all( (item) => { const url = await getDownloadURL(item); return url; }) ); setData(items); } catch (e) { setError(e); } })(); }, [reference, setData, setError]); return state; }

3) Use the custom hook in your components

And then we can use the hook in our components:

function MyImages() { const { data, loading, error } = useOrganizationAssets(); if (loading) { return <p>Loading...</p>; } if (error) { return <p>We could not fetch your images :(</p>; } return ( <div className={'flex flex-col space-y-2'}> { => { return <img src={image} key={image} /> })} </div> ); }

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