Sending CSRF Token to Actions

Learn how to send CSRF tokens to server actions in Makerkit.

Makerkit's Middleware ensures that POST requests to your server actions are protected against CSRF attacks. This means that you need to send a CSRF token with every POST request to your server actions. The only instance where you need to manually protect your Actions is when you use forms that send data using FormData.

Getting the CSRF Token

To retrieve the CSRF token to send along with your requests, use the useCsrfToken hook. This hook returns the CSRF token as a string.

import useCsrfToken from '~/core/hooks/use-csrf-token'; // somehwere in your component const token = useCsrfToken();

Sending the CSRF Token

When you call a Server Action, simply add the token as csrfToken in the parameters object.

For example, assuming this is our Server Action:

type CreateTaskParams = { task: Omit<Task, 'id'>; csrfToken: string; }; export const createTaskAction = withSession( async (params: CreateTaskParams) => { const client = getSupabaseServerActionClient(); const path = `/tasks`; await createTask(client, params.task); // revalidate the tasks page revalidatePath(path, 'page'); // redirect to the tasks page redirect(path); }, );

NB: we added csrfToken to the CreateTaskParams type.

Then, we can call the Server Action like this:

import { useTransition } from "react"; import useCsrfToken from '~/core/hooks/use-csrf-token'; function TaskForm() { const csrfToken = useCsrfToken(); const [isMutating, startTransition] = useTransition(); const onSubmit = (task: Task) => { startTransition(async () => { await createTaskAction({ task, csrfToken }); }); }; }

As you can see, we're passing an object with two properties: task and csrfToken. The csrfToken property is the one that will be used to send the CSRF token to the server.

Using "FormData"

When using plain forms, we can pass the CSRF token as an input field.

function TaskForm() { const csrfToken = useCsrfToken(); return ( <form action={createTaskAction}> <input type={'hidden'} name={'csrfToken'} value={csrfToken} /> </form> ); }

In your server action, you will manually need to extract the CSRF token from the request body and verify it using the verifyCsrfToken function.

import verifyCsrfToken from '~/core/verify-csrf-token'; export const createTaskAction = async (data: FormData) => { const csrfToken = data.get('csrfToken'); await verifyCsrfToken(csrfToken); // ... };

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