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Deploying to Vercel

Learn how to deploy your Remix app to Vercel

If you want to deploy your Remix app to Vercel, you can do so by following these steps.

1) Install the Remix Vercel package

npm i -D @remix-run/vercel

2) Add a server.js file in the root of your project

Then, add the following file to the root of your project:

import { createRequestHandler } from '@remix-run/vercel';
import * as build from '@remix-run/dev/server-build';

export default createRequestHandler({ build, mode: process.env.NODE_ENV });

3) Update the Remix configuration

Finally, update your remix.config.js file to include the following:

 * @type {import('@remix-run/dev').AppConfig}
module.exports = {
  serverBuildTarget: 'vercel',
  server: ['test', 'development'].includes(process.env.NODE_ENV)
    ? undefined
    : './server.js',
  cacheDirectory: './node_modules/.cache/remix',
  ignoredRouteFiles: ['**/.*', '**/*.css', '**/*.test.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}'],
  future: {},

🎉 Et voilà! You should now be able to deploy your Remix app to Vercel.

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