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Production Checklist

Before going to production, it's essential to follow certain precautions to avoid failures.

1) Environment Variables

First, we must safely inject the correct environment variables into their relative environment. MakerKit has predefined templates that allow you to understand where each variable should be added.

Before publishing your SaaS, or if you are making a production release after a change and this included an environment variable; ensure your CI provider is up to date with the correct variable in the right environments.

Since the .env file will not be committed to your repository, you will need to add the environment variables beforehand.

2) Supabase Postgres Row Level Security (RLS) Policies

If you are using Supabase, you will need to ensure that your RLS policies are set up correctly, and that the changes are propagated to the production database.

3) Enable your Stripe account Billing Status

Remember to complete your Stripe account's information and enable billing (of course, also replacing the correct environment variables) and not to forget it in Testing Mode.

4) Enable Google Analytics (Optional)

Understand how visitors find your website early on.

5) Enable Sentry (Optional)

With 4000 events for free per month, we recommend that you use Sentry.io for ensuring you can catch, analyze and fix any runtime errors in your application that your users will encounter.

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