Updating the Codebase

Learn how to update your Remix Supabase Turbo Starter Kit to the latest version.

To update the codebase, you will pull the latest changes from the GitHub repository and merge them into your project. This will ensure that you have the latest features and bug fixes.

If you have followed the instructions in the previous sections, you should have a Git repository set up for your project, with an upstream remote pointing to the original repository.

To update your project, you will first fetch the latest changes from the upstream remote, and then merge them into your project.

Here are the steps to update your project.

Update the upstream remote

First, you need to fetch the latest changes from the upstream remote. To do this, run the following command:

git pull upstream main

Please run pnpm i in case there are any changes in the dependencies.

Resolve any conflicts

If there are any conflicts during the merge, you will need to resolve them manually. Git will show you the files with conflicts, and you can edit them to resolve the conflicts.

Conflicts in the lock file

If you have conflicts in the yarn.lock file, accept any of the two changes (don't do it manually), then run:

pnpm i

The lock file will now reflect both your changes and the changes from the upstream repository.

Conflicts in the DB types

Since your types will differ from the ones in the upstream repository, you need to rebuild them.

To do so, reset the DB:

npm run supabase:web:reset

Then, run the following command to regenerate the types:

npm run supabase:web:typegen

Now the types will reflect the changes from the upstream repository and your project.

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