Introducing how Makerkit handles monitoring of performance metrics and exceptions in the Remix Supabase SaaS kit

Makerkit provides first-class support for two monitoring providers:

  1. Baselime (now part of Cloudflare)
  2. Sentry

Makerkit will set up a few things for you out of the box:

  1. Performance Metrics - Instrumentation using Remix's instrumentation hook
  2. Client exceptions - Automatically capturing uncaught exceptions on the client
  3. Server exceptions - Automatically capturing server-side exceptions when using the functions enhanceAction and enhanceRouteHandler

Additionally, it provides you with the tools to manually capturing exceptions, should you want to.

To set up monitoring in your application, you need to define the two variables below:

# sentry or baselime VITE_MONITORING_PROVIDER= # performance monitoring MONITORING_INSTRUMENTATION_ENABLED=true
  1. Monitoring Provider - the monitoring provider to use. Based on this variable, Makerkit will provide the relative implementation.
  2. Enable Instrumentation - if enabled, we report performance metrics to the provider using Remix

For the provider's specific settings, please check the relative documentation.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring uses Remix's experimental instrumentation for reporting performance metrics using OpenTelemetry.

NB: Performance monitoring is only enabled for Node.js runtimes. This means you won't see performance metrics in the edge runtime or Cloudflare.

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