Database Webhooks

Learn how to handle custom database webhooks in your Remix Supabase application

Database webhooks allow you to listen to changes in your database and trigger custom logic when a change occurs. This is useful for sending notifications, updating caches, or triggering other services.

Makerkit handles some webhooks by default for functionalities such as deleting a subscription following a user deletion, or sending emails after a user signs up.

You can extend this functionality by adding your own webhook handlers:

import { getDatabaseWebhookHandlerService, } from '@kit/database-webhooks'; /** * @name POST * @description POST handler for the webhook route that handles the webhook event */ export async function POST(request: Request) { const service = getDatabaseWebhookHandlerService(); try { // handle the webhook event await service.handleWebhook(request, { handleEvent(change) { if (change.type === 'INSERT' && change.table === 'invitations') { // do something with the invitation } }, }); return new Response(null, { status: 200 }); } catch { return new Response(null, { status: 500 }); } }

As you can see above - the handleEvent function is where you can add your custom logic to handle the webhook event. In this example, we check if the event is an INSERT event on the invitations table and then do something with the invitation.

The change object is of type RecordChange and contains the following properties:

import { Database } from '@kit/supabase/database'; export type Tables = Database['public']['Tables']; export type TableChangeType = 'INSERT' | 'UPDATE' | 'DELETE'; export interface RecordChange< Table extends keyof Tables, Row = Tables[Table]['Row'], > { type: TableChangeType; table: Table; record: Row; schema: 'public'; old_record: null | Row; }

You may need to cast the type manually:

type AccountChange = RecordChange<'accounts'>;

Now, the AccountChange type can be used to type the change object in the handleEvent function and is typed to the accounts table.

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