Authentication Emails

Configure the Supabase authentication URLs and emails in the Remix Supabase Starter Kit.

It is very much recommended to update the auth emails using the following documentation.

The kit already implements the confirm route, but you need to update the emails in your Supabase settings to use the correct URL.

Failure to do so will result in hiccups in the authentication flow when users click on an email and get redirected to a different browser than the one they used to sign up due to how the PKCE flow works.

Please set the following email templates - or at least, use the same URLs - but customize the email templates to your liking:

Confirmation Email

<h2>Confirm your signup</h2> <p>Follow this link to confirm your user:</p> <p> <a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/auth/confirm?token_hash={{ .TokenHash }}&type=email&callback={{ .RedirectTo }}" >Confirm your email</a > </p>

Invite User

<h2>You have been invited</h2> <p> You have been invited to create a user on {{ .SiteURL }}. Follow this link to accept the invite: </p> <p> <a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/auth/confirm?token_hash={{ .TokenHash }}&type=invite&callback={{ .RedirectTo }}" >Accept the invite</a > </p>
<h2>Magic Link</h2> <p>Follow this link to login:</p> <p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/auth/confirm?token_hash={{ .TokenHash }}&type=magiclink&callback={{ .RedirectTo }}">Log In</a></p>

Change Email Address

<h2>Confirm Change of Email</h2> <p>Follow this link to confirm the update of your email from {{ .Email }} to {{ .NewEmail }}:</p> <p><a href="{{ .ConfirmationURL }}">Change Email</a></p>

Reset Password

<h2>Reset Password</h2> <p>Follow this link to reset the password for your user:</p> <p><a href="{{ .ConfirmationURL }}">Reset Password</a></p>

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