User Workspace API

The user workspace API allows you to retrieve all the data related to the current user.

When within the layout /home - you have access to data fetched from the user workspace API.

The data in this layout has most of the information you need around the currently selected account and the user.

To access the data, you can use the loadUserWorkspace loader function. This function is cached per-request, so you can call it multiple times without worrying about performance.

import { loadUserWorkspace } from '~/home/_lib/server/load-user-workspace'; export default async function SomeUserPage() { const data = await loadUserWorkspace(); // use data }

The data returned from the loadTeamWorkspace function is an object with the following properties:

  • user: The user object coming from Supabase Auth
  • account: The account object of the user
  • accounts: An array of all accounts the user is a member of

Here is an example of the data structure:

import type { User } from '@supabase/supabase-js'; { account: { id: string | null; name: string | null; picture_url: string | null; public_data: Json | null; subscription_status: string | null; }; user: User; accounts: Array<{ id: string | null; name: string | null; picture_url: string | null; role: string | null; slug: string | null; }>; }

The account object contains the following properties:

  • id: The account ID
  • name: The account name
  • picture_url: The account picture URL
  • public_data: The account public data
  • subscription_status: The subscription status of the account. This can be 'active' | 'trialing' | 'past_due' | 'canceled' | 'unpaid' | 'incomplete' | 'incomplete_expired' | 'paused'.

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