Text Editor

Add an AI text editor to your Next.js Supabase SaaS Starter kit to provide a rich text editing experience to your users.

NB: this is currently a work in progress and not yet available.

A Text Editor built with Lexical.


Pull the plugin from the main repository:

npx @makerkit/cli@latest plugins install text-editor

Now, install the plugin from your main app by adding the following to your package.json file:

{ "dependencies": { "@kit/text-editor": "workspace:*" } }

And then run pnpm install to install the plugin.

AI Routes

Add the following AI Routes to your Next.js API routes:

One route at apps/web/app/api/editor/edit/route.ts:

import { createAIEditRouteHandler } from '@kit/text-editor/server'; export const POST = createAIEditRouteHandler;

And another route at apps/web/app/api/editor/autocomplete/route.ts:

import { createAIAutocompleteRouteHandler } from '@kit/text-editor/server'; export const POST = createAIAutocompleteRouteHandler;

Import the component

Now, you can import the component from the plugin:

import { TextEditor } from '@kit/text-editor'; import '@kit/text-editor/style';

And use it in your app:

<TextEditor />

You can assign the following props to the TextEditor component:

{ className?: string; content?: string; placeholder?: () => React.ReactElement; onChange?: (content: string) => void; }

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