Account Navigation Configuration

Learn how to setup the personal account navigation of your Next.js Supabase application

The personal account navigation is set at apps/web/config/personal-account-navigation.config.tsx. We use this configuration to define the navigation menu of the personal account. By default, it has three routes: home page, settings, and billing (if enabled).

We define it in one place so we can build different views at once (for example, the mobile menu).

Please update this file to add more routes to the sidebar.

const routes = [ { label: 'common:homeTabLabel', path:, Icon: <Home className={iconClasses} />, end: true, }, { label: 'account:accountTabLabel', path:, Icon: <User className={iconClasses} />, }, ]; if (featureFlagsConfig.enablePersonalAccountBilling) { routes.push({ label: 'common:billingTabLabel', path:, Icon: <CreditCard className={iconClasses} />, }); } export const personalAccountSidebarConfig = SidebarConfigSchema.parse({ routes, style: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_USER_NAVIGATION_STYLE, });

You can choose the style of the navigation by setting the NEXT_PUBLIC_USER_NAVIGATION_STYLE environment variable. The default style is sidebar.


Alternatively, you can set the style to header:


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