Marketing Pages

Learn how to create and update marketing pages in the Next.js Supabase Turbo Starter Kit.

Makerkit comes with pre-defined marketing pages to help you get started with your SaaS application. These pages are built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS and are located in the apps/web/app/(marketing) directory.

Makerkit comes with the following marketing pages:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Form
  • Pricing Page
  • FAQ
  • Contact Page (with a contact form)

Adding a new marketing page

To add a new marketing page to your Makerkit application, you need to follow these steps.

Create a folder in the apps/web/app/(marketing) directory with the path you want to use for the page. For example, to create a new page at /about, you would create a folder named about. Then, create the page file in the folder. For example, to create an about page, you would create an page.tsx file in the about folder.

// apps/web/app/(marketing)/about/page.tsx export default function AboutPage() { return <div></div> }

This page inherits the layout at apps/web/app/(marketing)/layout.tsx. You can customize the layout by editing this file - but remember that it will affect all marketing pages.

Contact Form

To make the contact form work, you need to add the following environment variables:


In this variable, you need to set the email address where you want to receive the contact form submissions. The sender will be the same as the one configured in your mailing configuration.

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