Clone the Repository

Clone the Next.js Supabase SaaS Kit Turbo repository to your local machine.

0. Prerequisites

  • Node.js 18.x or later
  • Docker
  • Pnpm
  • Supabase account (optional for local development)
  • Payment Gateway account (Stripe/Lemon Squeezy)
  • Email Service account (optional for local development)

Clone this repository with the command:

git clone

NB: If your SSH key isn't set - then use the HTTPS.

git clone

NB: please switch to HTTPS for ALL commands if you are not using SSH, not just the clone command.

Now, remove the original origin:

git remote rm origin

Add upstream pointing to this repository so you can pull updates

git remote add upstream

Once you have your own repository, do the same but use origin instead of upstream

To pull updates (please do this daily with your morning coffee):

git pull upstream main

This will keep your repository up to date.

0.1. Install Pnpm

# Install pnpm npm i -g pnpm

1. Setup dependencies

# Install dependencies pnpm i

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