The "withMethodsGuard" is a utility function that helps you to create a guard for your API methods based on the HTTP method

The withMethodsGuard function is used to guard API endpoints by HTTP methods. For example, in the example below, we only allow GET and POST requests to the /api/hello-world endpoint.

import { NextApiRequest,NextApiResponse } from "next"; import { withAuthedUser } from '~/core/middleware/with-authed-user'; import { withPipe } from '~/core/middleware/with-pipe'; import { withMethodsGuard } from '~/core/middleware/with-methods-guard'; import { withExceptionFilter } from '~/core/middleware/with-exception-filter'; export default function helloWorld( req: NextApiRequest, res: NextApiResponse ) { const handler = withPipe( withMethodsGuard(['GET', 'POST']), withAuthedUser, (req, res) => { res.status(200).json({ message: 'Hello World!' }); } ); return withExceptionFilter(req, res)(handler); }

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