Custom React Hooks

Reference for the organizations React hooks


This hook returns the current organization. It's a wrapper around the OrganizationContext context. The returned value is an Organization object.

import { useCurrentOrganization } from '~/lib/organizations/hooks/use-current-organization'; const organzation = useCurrentOrganization();


This hook returns a boolean indicating whether the current organization has an active subscription. It's a shortcut around the useCurrentOrganization hook that checks if the status property is set to active or trialing.

import { useIsSubscriptionActive } from '~/lib/organizations/hooks/use-is-subscription-active'; const isSubscriptionActive = useIsSubscriptionActive();

Other Organization Hooks

The kit has many more hooks that are used internally: they are not meant to be used directly unless you want to update the logic or fix a bug.

All the hooks are available in the ~/lib/organizations/hooks directory.

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