Landing Page Features - SaaS UI Kit

Display your pricing options in a clean and organized way with our Pricing Tables component. This sleek design features clear and concise pricing information, making it easy for users to choose the plan that's right for them

Default Features List

Showcase your app's unique features with our Landing Page Features component. This customizable design features sleek and modern icons, making it easy for users to understand the value your app provides

This block is built-in with the SaaS UI Kit.

Features List with Icons

Simplify your app's features with our Features List with Icons component. By presenting your features in a clear and organized way, users can quickly understand what your app does and how it can benefit them. With customizable icons and text, this component allows you to tailor the information to your specific app and target audience

Side by Side Features List

Showcase the features of your app with our Side by Side with Image Features List component. This visually engaging design features an image alongside each feature, making it easy for users to understand the value and benefits your app provides. With a clean and customizable layout, this component is perfect for any SaaS or app landing page.