A cookie banner to comply with GDPR and CCPA

Meet the Cookie Consent Plugin for your SaaS

The Cookie Consent Plugin is a plugin for Makerkit apps to add a cookie consent banner to your app, and comply with GDPR and CCPA.

You own the code: customize it, extend it, improve it as you wish.

Available at no extra cost for all Makerkit Pro/Teams users.

Easy to Install and Configure

The Cookie Consent plugin works just by importing it into your pages. No need to configure anything.

Sleek Design

The Cookie Consent is designed to fit in with your app's design, by inheriting your app's styles, UI components, and fonts.


You own all the code, so you can customize it, extend it, and improve it as you wish.


As a Team or Pro user, you get the AI Chatbot Plugin at no extra cost.

Quick Install

Install the Feedback Popup plugin in your Makerkit app with one command.The Makerkit CLI will automatically install the plugin from the plugins repository for your kit.
Install Plugins Terminal
Consent Plugin Snippet

React Hook to check if the user has given consent

Use the React Hook useCookieConsent to check if the user has given consent.Conditionally load third-party scripts based on the user's consent.

Simple, easy to use, and customizable

A clean, simple and customizable design that fits in with your app's design.Works in both light and dark mode.
Consent Cookie Banner