This plugin is currently experimental.

Embeddable AI Text Editor for your SaaS

Meet the AI Text Editor Plugin for your SaaS

The AI Text Editor Plugin is a plugin for Makerkit that allows you to add an AI-powered text editor to your app, similar to Notion.

You own the code: customize it, extend it, improve it as you wish.

Will be available at no extra cost for all Makerkit Pro/Teams users.

Let your users write better

Delight your users thanks to AI-powered features like re-writing suggestions, grammar corrections, etc.

Built on Lexical

Lexical is the Editor Framework by Meta for building rich text editors with React. Arguably the best rich text editor framework out there.


You own all the code, so you can customize it, extend it, and improve it as you wish.


As a Team or Pro user, you get the AI Chatbot Plugin at no extra cost.

Quick Install

Install the AI Text Editor plugin in your Makerkit app with one command.The Makerkit CLI will automatically install the plugin from the plugins repository for your kit.
Install Plugins Terminal
AI Text Editor light

A fully-featured Rich Text Editor

The Text Editor Plugin is a Notion-like fully-featured WYSIWYG editor powered by Lexical and OpenAI.Import it anywhere in your app, and it will just work.

AI Powered Writing Suggestions

The AI Text Editor uses OpenAI to help your users write better, thanks to re-writing suggestions, grammar corrections, and custom prompting.The best part? Extending it with your own logic is a breeze.

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