Supabase is not starting

Learn why Supabase may not be able to start in certain cases and how to fix it.

Sometimes, Supabase may not be able to start. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common is that the port you are trying to use is already in use by another application.

Is Docker running?

To start Supabase in development mode, you need to have Docker running. If you don't have Docker running, Supabase will not be able to start.

Please download any Docker-compatible application (Docker Desktop, Colima, Orbstack) and make sure it is running before starting Supabase.

Is Supabase already running?

If Supabase is already running, then it will not be able to start again. You can check if Supabase is already running by running the following command in your terminal:

docker ps

If yes, you can kill them all using the following command:

docker kill $(docker ps -q)

NB: this command will shut down all running Docker containers.

To shut down Supabase, you can run the following command from your application's root directory:

npm run supabase:stop

If you have 2 different Supabase projects running, you can stop them individually by running the following command:

npm run supabase:stop

If you run this command from a different project, it will not stop the Supabase instance running in your current project. So make sure you are in the right directory before running this command.

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