This documentation is for a legacy version of Remix Supabase. For the latest version, please visit the Remix Supabase Turbo documentation

Shadcn UI

Learn how to add new components from Shadcn UI to your project.

ShadCN UI is a template library based on Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. It provides a set of high-quality React components out of the box that are fully accessible, customizable, and themable.

Makerkit was an early adopter of ShadCN UI, and we use it to build our own UI components. With that, we used very different styling conventions early on, which means copy/pasting components from our docs to your project might not work as expected.

ShadCN UI is configured in all Makerkit projects as of the latest versions, while versions released before 28 September 2023 will not work seamlessly.

Makerkit only ships the components it uses in the core kit: to use other components, you will need to either use the CLI or import them manually.


Updating the colors in the CSS

To update the theme's colors, please update the index.css file in your project and update the CSS variables.

For examples, check out the ShadCN UI Themes Page.

Updating the colors in the Tailwind configuration

Additionally, we need to update the Tailwind configuration: since Makerkit uses a color palette based on Tailwind's palette system, we need to update the tailwind.config.js file in your project and update the colors object.

For example, since the default color for the primary color is violette.500, we need to update the colors object to:

primary: { DEFAULT: 'hsl(var(--primary))', foreground: 'hsl(var(--primary-foreground))', ...colors.violet, }

The code above spreads the violet color palette into the primary object, which means that the primary color will be the violet.500 color.

The variable --primary is the hsl value of the violet.500 color.

Additionally, we can access other colors of the primary palette using primary-500, primary-600, etc. This helps us to access the color palette in a more semantic way.

Dark Mode

We need to do the same for the dark mode. Makerkit has historically used the dark color palette convention to define the dark mode colors.

By default, Makerkit uses slate as the dark mode color palette, so we need to update the colors object to:

dark: { ...colors.slate, DEFAULT: colors.slate[950], foreground: colors.slate[100], }

As you can see, we spread the slate color palette into the dark object, which means that the dark color will be the slate.950 color.

If you were to use another color such as zinc, you would need to update the colors object to:

dark: { ...colors.zinc, DEFAULT: colors.zinc[950], foreground: colors.zinc[100], }


While ShadCN UI uses lucide as their icons library, Makerkit has historically used heroicons. We have configured ShadCN UI to use heroicons instead of lucide in all Makerkit projects, but for new components, you will need to use lucide instead if you don't want to make changes. As such, please install lucide as a dependency in your project.

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