Authentication API

A quick introduction to the Authentication API in Makerkit

The Authentication API is a set of functions that help you authenticate users in your application. It is built on top of the Supabase authentication system and provides a simple way to authenticate users in your application.

import { redirect } from '@remix-run/react'; import { LoaderFunctionArgs } from '@remix-run/node'; import { requireUser } from '@kit/supabase/require-user'; import { getSupabaseServerClient } from '@kit/supabase/server-client'; export async function loader(args: LoaderFunctionArgs) { const client = getSupabaseServerClient(args.request); const auth = await requireUser(client); // check if the user needs redirect if (auth.error) { return redirect(auth.redirectTo); } // user is authed! const user =; // return your data return { data: {} // your data here, }; }

If the user needs MFA and is not yet verified, the redirect function will redirect the user to the MFA verification page. This is why it is important to check the redirectTo property in the response.

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