The Makerkit boilerplate's data model is modeled around Organizations.

Organizations are groups of users, which can also be named Projects, Teams, and so on: it really depends on your application's domain.

The data model of an organization looks like the following:

create table organizations ( id bigint generated always as identity primary key, name text not null, logo_url text, created_at timestamptz not null default now() );

As you can see it's a very simple data model, with just a name and a logo, but you can extend it as you wish.

Renaming "Organizations" to another entity

Makerkit uses "organizations" to refer to a group of users. However, the name "organizations" may not make sense to your application's domain, even with a similar technical data model.

For example, you may want to call them "Teams", or "Workspaces". In this case, we suggest you keep using "organization" as a technical concept (otherwise, you'd have to rename every instance) within the codebase while changing the labels in the UI using the i18n files at public/locales.

To do so, simply rename all "Organization" instances according to your preferred choice.

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