Adding new translations

Learn how to add new translations to your Makerkit project.

Translations are stored at application level and can be found at apps/web/public/locales. Translations for English (which is the only language provided by default) will be found at apps/web/public/locales/en.

If you wish to provide a new language, there are two steps.

1. Add the language files

Create a new folder using the correct language code at apps/web/public/locales/[lng] where [lng] can be any correct language code, such as de, it, es, ja, etc.

2. Update settings

Add the language to the settings file at apps/web/lib/i18n/i18n.settings.ts:

/** * The list of supported languages. * By default, only the default language is supported. * Add more languages here if needed. */ export const languages: string[] = [defaultLanguage, 'es'];

In the above, I appended the language es to the languages array. You can add as many languages as you need.

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