Disable Stripe

Learn how to disable Stripe in your Makerkit project.

Sometimes - you don't want to enable payments yet. That's fine. You can disable Stripe in your MakerKit project.

Disable Stripe

First, set configuration.stripe.embedded to false in the global configuration file.

{ ... stripe: { embedded: false, }, ... }

You also want to delete or hide the page where users can subscribe to your product.

You can do so by removing the 'Subscriptions' page from the settings navigation at src/components/settings/SettingsPageContainer.tsx.

const links = [ { path: '/settings/profile', i18n: 'common:profileSettingsTabLabel', }, { path: '/settings/organization', i18n: 'common:organizationSettingsTabLabel', }, /* { path: '/settings/subscription', i18n: 'common:subscriptionSettingsTabLabel', }, */ ];

You can re-add the page later when you are ready to enable payments.

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