Deployable Codebasesbuilt with Makerkit.

Codebases are application prototypes built on top of Makerkit's kits.

Learn how to build your own SaaS by taking code and inspiration from our codebases.

Skyrocket your development speed by using our codebases as a base for your own SaaS.

Starting with Makerpal, a powerful client for ChatGPT. Makerpal is now available for all license holders 🎉

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What is a codebase?

A codebase is a prototype application built on top of Makerkit's core kits. You can use them as an educational resource to learn how to build your own SaaS.

Why are you releasing codebases?

Codebase can be excellent educational resources, both for customers and for me. I can enhance the kits using real-world feedback, while customers can see how to build and organize their own SaaS.

Can I use the codebase for my own SaaS?

It depends on the license. Some codebases may not be licensed for commercial usage. With that said, you are not restricted from self-hosting, taking inspiration or using the snippets provided in the codebase.

Will you release a codebase for each kit?

Due to time constraints, I don't think this will be possible. Fortunately, the kits are all fairly similar, which means you will be able to copy and paste the code from one codebase to another.

How many codebases will you release?

I'm not sure. I'm hoping to release at least 3 more codebases in the next 6 months.